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Burial locations for McGaughey and Durham family members

by William McGaughey, Jr.


Deceased members of the McGaughey and Durham families, including grandparents, are buried in three cemeteries: (1) Milford cemetery in Milford, Pennsylvania, (2) Memorial Park cemetery in Indianapolis, Indiana, and (3) Forest Hill cemetery in Greencastle, Indiana.

Milford cemetery: Andy and David McGaughey, my brothers, are buried in the Milford Cemetery on route 209 just south of town. I will be buried there myself some day. There are 3 grave plots in Section P, lots 1977 and 1978, adjoining a road across from the Pinchot family grave site. (Mary Meyer is also there.) I purchased the graves on Sept. 19, 1994 for $1050 from the Milford Cemetery Association. Jim Martin, the Pike County coroner, sold me the sites; he’s buried nearby. Also Walter Ridley (who worked for Frank Sawyer). Andy and David both have red marble raised markers from stone quarried in India, purchased from Minneapolis Granite at 4400 Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis. There is a 7-foot high obelisk marked McGaughey on two sides, also made of this marble. It cost around $8,000 and was paid for from funds held in trust for Andy. Stroyan funeral home installed it. Andy was cremated and is buried in a metal urn. David was buried in a coffin. Burial services were held for both with an Episcopalian minister in July 2005. A service for Dad was held at the same time.

Mother and Dad are buried not too far away. Take the road below the Pinchot family site and follow it south past the Bornique marker. This road loops back at this point to the left. Mother and Dad are buried on the east side of this road, just above a steep hill, next to the Sawyer grave, marked by a grey stone monument, which contains the graves of Frank Payson Sawyer, Joanna Wells Sawyer (Munny’s parents) and Henry Sawyer (Munny’s brother). I believe both mother and Dad were cremated. There are small markers for them in the back of the plot but no monument.

The Edgington grave belonging to “Cousin Frank” Edgington, “Cousin Helen” Biddis Edgington, and Cousin Patty Edgington is on the other side of the Sawyer grave. (As a boy, I used to sit on their front porch and listen to Cousin Frank's stories.) At the end of this road, where it meets the road coming up from below, is the plot of the Wells family (Joanna Wells Sawyer’s) parents. Henry B. Wells was the father; he built the house at 100 Sawkill Avenue in Milford which I now own.

In January 2003, my rented car got stuck in a snow drift on the road near the Pinchot grave as I was attempting to drive down this road to my mother’s grave. My father was still living in the nursing home at Andover, New Jersey. I had to engage a tow truck to get the car loose. The Milford house was then without heat. -

Memorial Park cemetery: Dad’s father, mother, older brother Paul, and younger sister Mary Jane are buried in the Memorial Park cemetery, 9350 East Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46229, 5 miles west of the Post road (east county line), in Section 6, lot 24. Section 6 is just beyond the gate house and to the right of the main road. The four graves have markers flush with the ground and cannot be readily spotted. It’s near a tomb stone of the Van Natta family in the middle of section 6. Paul died in 1919.

Forest Hill cemetery:The Durham burial plot is located in the Forest Hill Cemetery in Greencastle, Indiana. Can reach this cemetery by turning west on road 300S from Hwy. 231 near Aunt Aurie’s house, and following this road for several miles. Alternatively, approach the cemetery from the north on Cemetery Road across the highway from Putnamville Road and East Berry Street in Greencastle. The Durham family plot is on the extreme south side of the cemetery; veer to the right as you pass through the front gate.

A large grey stone marked “Durham” contains the following names:

James V. Durham 6/5/1833 - 3/15/1915
Sarah A. Durham 8/11/1839 - 7/20/1931
Andrew E. Durham 5/3/1882 - 7/23/1954 “Pap”
Aura M. Sawyer Durham 2/17/1884 - 11/14/1978 “Munny”
J. Frank Durham 10/3/1915 - “Uncle Frank”
Frances M.H. Durham 12/25/1914 - 1/27/73 “Aunt Fran”

Nearby grave; Gracie Spears, daughter of J.V. Durham

Graves to the left of the Durham tombstone:

John Charles Bridges 4/26/1860 - 4/30/1927
Margaret Durham Bridges 10/4/1863 - 10/16/1957 “Aunt Margaret”
Jacob Earnest Durham 6/1/1865 - 2/25/1931 Pap's brother
Gracie Spears Durham 5/19/1867 - 12/31/1872
Robert Earl Durham 10/6/1867 - 1/31/1920 Uncle Earl, Pap’s brother
Genora Parker Durham 4/29/1882 - 2/3/1951 wife of R.E. Durham, called “Aunt Pony”, buried in Healdsburg, Calif.

Also: Lawrence E. Black 1885-1932

Some Bridges not necessarily related:

Sara 1869-1944
James 1837-1930
Mary H. 1849-1918
Alexandria 1871-1883
Samuel P. B. Jackson 1832-1907

Across the road:

William A. Durham 1858-1924 a cousin from Crawfordsville
Ida M. Durham 1866-1950
an infant son May 22, 1882

Jacob Durham, Pap’s grandfather, is also buried in Forest Hills Cemetery. A big pillar with an urn on top parks his grave. His remains were removed from a now defunct family burial plot west of Russellville.

“Aunt Gret”, Margaret Durham, Mother’s sister, who died in May 1994, will be buried between Munny and Aunt Fran. Her ashes were contained in an urn.


Other sites:

Ann Weinrichter, another of Mother’s sisters, who died in 2009, is buried in the Studebaker family plot at the Highland and Riverview cemetery on Portage Avenue in South Bend, Indiana. Her burial service was held on July 17, 2009.


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