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A Disclaimer

Readers of the section on Political Correctness may take away the idea that this website argues against the interests and rights of individuals in the Civil Rights coalition - i. e., African Americans, women, gays and lesbians, immigrants, Jews, and possibly Roman Catholics. That is not its intention. The title and theme of the website is Indentity Independence. That means the right of each person to make a self-determination of identity. The definition of self will necessarily be based upon the situation of each individual.

As for me, the definition of social worthiness proposed by the Civil Rights movement and its successor movements excludes my type. As I wrote in a previous posting, “I am neither black, female, homosexual, nor immigrant, and I am also not a Catholic or Jew.” In a previous era, that would not have mattered. However, American politics and society have been split into so many contentious groups that definition of self now centers upon such things.

Persons who find a comfortable home in the Civil Rights or post-Civil Rights coalition can continue to peg their identity upon those political themes. Alternatively, individuals in such groups may also seek other kinds of definition. Identity Independence is for everyone. Every person has a right to a respectable place in human society. It is for them individually, and for no one else, to determine what is their group, what is its story, and how they personally fit into that story.

As for me, since I am a nonimmigrant heterosexual white man of Protestant upbringing who now belongs to a different religion, I am a bit hard-pressed to identify myself in the standard political terms. How about adding white males to the list of persons who have been discriminated against and agitating for equal rights for them? That would be rather silly.

As a percentage of population, white males now occupy more than their share of the desirable positions in our society. Should I as a white male be pushing to increase that percentage? What purpose would that serve? None, it would seem. From my standpoint, the goal should be instead to change the paradigm of demographic politics. It should be to seek moral worthiness in each person regardless of the politically inspired group histories.

I would say this about being in a so-called “dominant” or “majority” group: The fact that Bill Gates or George W. Bush or a thousand others with privilege and power are all white males does me no discernable good. I doubt if any would buy me a cup of coffee for making that kind of argument.

If I should say, “hey, brother, I am white like you, I too went to a good college, and here I am, asking for a helping hand. I’m asking for, you know - all else being equal - a little preference or nudge in my favor because I’m a person of the same gender and race as you,” what do you think they would say? They would probably say nothing but instead look at me with utter contempt. I would receive no sympathetic nod or wink. The political code does not support that kind of appeal.

We’re living in a “meritocracy” with no clear idea of what merit is. Maybe politics is one of its components. I do have enough political sense to realize that, in the United States, my kind is in disfavor. Our demographic “leaders” have all jumped ship. So, of course, I’m for changing the paradigm of discussions about personal identity. I declare my own independence of self-definitions foisted upon me by ill meaning persons seeking political gain who claim history's high ground while my kind lurks in the valley - and has so for centuries.

Please, then, read no ulterior motives into this critique of Political Correctness. Just think of it as an analysis from someone’s particular vantage point. Others, in different situations, may look at things differently. I hope they find a communal identity which suits them as long as it does not disturb mine. Maybe under a regime of Identity Independence our group egos can each prosper, whoever we might be.


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