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Who are you? An Internet query 



       This is the scenario. Imagine that you are switching to a new high school. You meet some of your classmates at lunch. With the customary candor and cruelty that young men and women display at a certain age, these characters in time acquire the following names and reputations:


Annie the angel She could not be more perfect.

Ted the pedestrian He has no car; always wants to bum a ride.

Jeannie Tweeney She’s in between everything.

Killer Bill He’s a slick dresser.

Porous Horace He sweats a lot.

Angelina Bulima She looks pretty thin.

Henry the envious He always wants more.

Scary Jerry He approaches you ominously in a dark place.

Judy Duty She always knows what she's supposed to do.

Betty Etymology She has a way with words.

Pale Dale He’s insufficiently African American.

Peggy Spaghetti She’s tangled up in everyone’s business.

Enis the penis He's got a big one.

Vernonica the vagina She ain't no saint.

Alice no malice Her intentions were good.

Faltering Walter It's happened again.



      What do you think some of these people will call you behind your back? Send us your thoughts. We may publish some of them. Anonymity of the senders is assured.

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