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Father's side of the family (William McGaughey, Sr.) "His" refers to William McGaughey Jr.'s father.

Photographic set #1 (1) Calvin Rufus Elliott, his maternal grandfather, a railroad engineer, and (2) his mother, Martha, holding his brother Paul, who died of influenze in 1918

Photographic set #2 (1) His mother Martha with brothers Paul and John, and (2) his two parents and himself with his brother John and sister Mary Jane on a horse. Father's name was Samuel.

Photographic set #3 (1) His older brother John and younger sister Mary Jane, photo taken in 1921, and (2) his father, Samuel, a medical doctor, taken with a string of fish.

Photographic set #4 (1) His parents, Samuel and Martha ("Mattie") McGaughey, and (2) brother John and himself in 1930. He is about to enter college at Depauw university. Samuel died a year later.

Photographic set #5 (1) Brother John, mother Martha, and himself some time later, and (2) brother John, sister Mary Jane, and himself around the same time (1930s).

Photographic set #6 (1) sister Mary Jane and her husband, brother John and his wife, and himself, and (2) the last photo of himself taken with John and Mary Jane taken at John's daughter's wedding in Colorado on December 30, 1967. John and Mary Jane both died in the 1970s.

See Birth family of William McGaughey, Sr. - It has photographs of (1) him with Gerald Phillippe, chairman of General Electric, and (2) him with brother, sister, and mother in early '30s. Has separate links to some of the other photos.


Mother's side of the family (Joanna Durham McGaughey) "Her" refers to William McGaughey Jr.'s mother.

Photographic set #7 (1) her father, Andrew E. Durham, nicknamed "Pap" and (2) herself and her four sisters - Jane, Margaret, Ann, and Aura May - and brother Frank. Photograph was taken in 1975.

Photographic set #8 Margaret Lockridge Black, Pap's maternal grandmother, who was born in Kentucky in 1811.

Photographic set #9 Jabez Rockwell's descendants and his powderhorn made at Valley Forge. Rockwell was her maternal great-great-great grandfather. He was a Revolutionary War veteran, buried in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

See Birth family of Joanna D. McGaughey. It has photographs of (1) her father Pap, her mother ("Munny"), and herself, circa 1930, (2) a photograph of many Durham relatives taken at sister Margaret's funeral in May 1994, (3) Munny, her mother Joanna Wells Sawyer, and other relatives in Muscatine, Iowa, in 1890s. Has separate links to some of the other photos. Also has a picture of the ancestral home in Milford, Pennsylvania.


Some other famiily photos

See the family of William and Joan McGaughey - It has (1) a photograph of William and Joan McGaughey at the time of their 60th wedding anniversary in 1998, (2) a photo of William McGaughey, Jr. and sister Margaret with parents in 1980s, (3) a Life magazine-style cover photo of William McGaughey, Jr. with brothers Andrew and David in 1945, (4) Margaret McGaughey Isaacson's three children - Emily, Abigail, and Nathan - in 1988, and (5 )William and Joanna McGaughey with their sons Andrew and David in 1980s.

See My Family Tree - It has photographs of (1) William McGaughey, Jr. in 1993, (2) Dr. Samuel McGaughey of Acton, Indiana, father's grandfather, and (3) actress Marjorie Main, father's first cousin, and (4) William and Joanna McGaughey with actress Elizabeth Taylor in 1980s.

See several photographs of William McGaughey, Jr. at






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