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Some Principles of Personal Identity

(Summary Page)

Where Personal Identity Starts In the genes

Who am I? Goethe’s three questions and other approaches to self-identity

How Civilization subverts Personal Identity The tendency to point to something better than oneself

Identity through one's place in a story You are the character that you play in life.

Three Principles of Personal Identity To guide each person to a more authentic and socially compatible sense of self

The Need for Personal Recognition Plato’s concept of “thymos” explains much in politics and society

Unequal Identities An unacknowledged impulse to stand out in the crowd

Personal Branding Establish a clear occupational identity and publicize it

Teen Identities in Cyberspace The social phenomenon exhibited on

Human Identity according to Mark Zuckerberg Does a person have just one identity?

Pick your own Religious Identity Church affliliation less a matter of ethnic heritage

Techniques to Define Political Identity Microtargeting messages to voter segments likely to be sympathetic

Grocery Stores as Indicators of Personal Identity You are where you shop for food

The Paradoxical Disadvantage of Education How its programmed experience may preclude opportunities to develop self-confidence and an authentic personality in meeting real challenges in life

Seminar on Purpose for Persons Approaching Retirement Age How this relates to the question of identity

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