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Thoughts on American Identity

(Summary Page)


Some American Identities How Americans have seen themselves at certain times in history

The Strong, Silent Type Once self-reliant, Americans now have to talk constantly

A Land of Free Thought and Imagination Where Albert Einstein sought refuge in the 1930s

Efforts to Promote American Identity in the Early 20th Century The Boone and Crockett Club promotes frontier manliness while Jewish women stress assimilation

The Government’s Idea of What it means to be an American Questions on a new test for prospective U.S. citizens

Inger Sites’ Take on American Identity A Norwegian immigrant looks at life in America with an eye to healthy personal development

African Students Talk of Themselves and America They are African first and eventually want to go home

Are Today’s College Students too Narcissistic? Moralistic questioning from the previous generation

Two poems about what America (or Minnesota) has become Our sense of sanity dissolves in catastrophe and unjust policies

The Angry White Man If he will decide the 2008 election, who is he?

Detroit Chauvinism One man’s recollection of a city rich in reality and lost importance

Everywhere a Stranger Transplanted Detroiter finds lack of community in Minneapolis

Perspectives on Community Life in America Glimpses into a lonelier future

Sacred Harp music An old American tradition with the power to revive our culture

Tecumseh’s Brother, the Shawnee Prophet A Religious Attempt to Stem the Tide of White Encroachment upon Indian Lands

Our National Identity and Globalization The importance of having one’s own culture in a manipulative world

Rush to War: How the American government and American identity were hijacked A pro-Israeli group supported by Dick Cheney took over the U.S. Department of Defense

The Largely Untold Story of George W. Bush Wanting to be tougher than his father, he ran the Ship of State into the ground.

Steve Meldahl, Don Samuels, Northside Blogs, and the Lost Generation How to salvage personal dignity in a world of declining job opportunities for college graduates

America approaching the stage of decay Local identity-based communities emerge to fill the void

Emmer Jane Vintage An inner-city boutique catering to young African American women

Steve Jobs' 2005 commencement address at Stanford University Be yourself, in theory and in practice - pursue identity independence

The problem with tolerance A commentary on the conviction of Dharun Ravi for a hate crime

Young Minneapolis Women (and Men) Feeling Uncomfortable in their own Skins Statements of microaggression

Who is Bob Dylan? He is not what you want him to be.

The Lumbersexual, a contemporary American identity He's all woodsman except for how he actually lives

Crossing Paths with Prince, the Rock Star Our occasionally intersecting lives in Minneapolis and Chanhassen

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